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Intra Venous Sedation

dentista sedacion bayamon, PR

Dr. Cabrera and his staff understand if you feel uncomfortable, anxious or fearful when you come to the dentist.  The good news is that we have a solution and want to help those who, due to phobia, fear, have neglected their oral health.


Doctor Fernando Cabrera is licensed and trained to deliver the anesthetics through an IV.  If you choose to be sedated for your process, you will be able to communicate and cooperate with Dr. Cabrera and his team during your treatment.  Amazingly, you'll be calm and won't remember most of it when it's done!  Also, headphones are provided to block certain sounds that may make you uneasy and each patient is monitored for their EKG, blood pressure, and respiratory functions during the entire procedure to maintain a safe, controlled experience.



As you can see, the atmosphere inside the office is beautiful and it maintains a warm, welcoming environment for you and your family to enjoy.


Whether you've been postponing a simple dental checkup, restorative care or a brand-new smile, now's the time to take care of yourself.  Please call and take care of your dental health today.

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